Versus Versace opens in New York
Soho district

Versus Versace opens in New York<br /> Soho district

The first Versus Versace store in New York City opens in Soho on Greene Street occupying an area of 200 square metres. Here fashion, events, and music are melted together going straight to the internet generation. Two watch cases are in prime position right behind the entrance, emphasizing the glamorous spirit of the brand on one side, and the more traditional watch demand on the other.

Store materials, spaces, and retail display are cast aside, in favor of a dynamic installation of ‘two-way’ mirrors in delicate brass frames to deliver the spectrum of the Versus Versace collection.
Since its inception, Versus Versace has captured the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of Versace.  In this new century, the Versus Versace rebel community lives their lives online; this digital spirit is underlined by digital devices all around the stores.


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