MARCH 2015

Blue Crystal takes color to a deeper dimension

Blue Crystal takes color to a deeper dimension

Water is an integral part of the Nautica brand heritage. Drawing inspiration from the sea, Nautica presented a unique collection of sport watches—the NST 101 with blue tinted crystals.

Intriguing and novel, this chronograph takes color and design to a deeper dimension. Diverse dial colors under blue lenses provide varied aspects. From bright, to light, to dark like the deep blue sea, the tinted crystals create the illusion of looking into the depths of the ocean—like a window on the water.

The NST 101 is set on a new leather strap with a distinct textured finish that makes it unique in its own right.  The Japanese chronograph movement is housed in a striking 48mm case with a uni-directional turning top ring with engraved markers. True to the Nautica brand’s heritage, the NST 101 combines distinctive style and unique design inspired by the water as well as bold color in a brand new way.

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