JULY 2015

Bloggers love Varina, Varina loves bloggers.

Bloggers love Varina, Varina loves bloggers.

The Varina timepiece has been taken in a journey through social networks and blog posts portraying it in different situations thanks to five top influencers from Hong Kong, China and South Korea.
Sophisticated allure and hyper-feminine proportions distinguish this exclusive cocktail watch, with a case reminiscent of the buckle on the famed Varina ballet flat, iconic symbol of the Maison. The bow is transformed into an elegant decoration on the glossy patent leather strap, which can be replaced in a couple of simple steps with another strap entirely in gros-grain fabric.
Worn as a polyhedral accessory, its colorful straps and dials can be used as a style statement for any occasion, as a way to express a particular mood or as a twist-of-color to a special outfit.
Ambassadors of the Varina watch were five major Asian fashion bloggers like Vnikali, a globe-trotter named as one of the 10 most influential bloggers in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese Xoxofei, the Korean Lady Uzine, beloved by worldwide cool-hunters for her street-chic style, Cindiddy, blogging and modeling from Hong Kong and the Chinese Weibo-influencer Toni.

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