Flying to LA

Flying to LA

Question of time. A man. A woman. A watch. The only one. F-80 by Salvatore Ferragamo.
The new video tells the story of a journey to Los Angeles, the city of the Stars, where Salvatore Ferragamo started to show his craftsmanship in shoe-making.
The journey starts with a man and a woman who are about to embark on a private jet. When they see each other, they discover to have the same timing, sealed by their F-80 watch. A precious version for her, featuring six rubies on the bezel and 195 diamonds (ct. 0.58) paving the top ring and the dial; an XL-sized case (44 mm in diameter) for him, showing the distinctive decorative features that define the entire collection: six screws on the bezel, a guilloché pattern on the black dial and a sporty strap in soft caoutchouc.
The F-80 watch will mark the time of their amazing journey.

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